Anonymous Kquote






I’m not the average poet, and I say that because I know it.

To describe myself to you is hard for me to do because I’m not used to speaking about myself. I guess it’s because in reality, I’m an introvert. I’m not a person who wants to be known by the world. Meaning – I’m not looking to stay in glory. Hence the name ‘Anonymous Kquote’. It’s through my poetry that I tell my story. However, I do want to reach people with my words and my voice, in hopes to make a positive impact on the people who may read them for themselves, or hear them being spoken by either myself or by others. I know that the reality is that I will not be a favorite of everyone and honestly, I’m not trying to be one. One thing I believe, should be known, is that the thoughts, ideas, concepts and opinions that I express are mine, for my heart and mind, and I write firstly for me.

By that segment, I mean to say that poetry is my outlet, my God-given gift of expression, my tailor-fitted talent, and I do it with passion and to the best of my ability. I am grateful for those who can relate and I can’t hate you if you’re not feeling me, and I do mean that, literally. My motivation is to inspire others to know that it’s okay to say what’s in their hearts, and speak their minds, to know there are alternative ways to achieve goals and release emotions and feelings, besides violence and acting out. I also hope to show, through my poetry, that there is true freedom in writing and no one can tell you how or what you should or shouldn’t write, rather you like or dislike.

In closing, what I hope to leave you with is to know and understand that there is nothing wrong with being vulnerable and exemplifying pride, humility, and most importantly humanity; for at the end of it, all we are all only human beings. I hope that the words I leave will reach my son, so he can understand that we were not separated by choice, not mine any way. Maybe someday, he will understand his ol’ man and forgive me. I also hope that these words will be a source of guidance and wisdom to take him through his life’s experiences.



Feels like I’m floating on a whole cloud, I left the old crowd
I hear the noise, but in my head the silence is loud
It’s like He blessed with a classic car minus the miles
Learned to be grateful, ‘cause I remember life minus the smiles
I can’t lie, sometimes I feel I have the nicest of styles
I played the fame, took the beatings, never calling my fouls
When we get married, I’ll be recalling my vows
Nowadays, Amazon is what we’re on when we browse
Until I die, in sha Allah, I’ll never throw in the towel
I say, “Takbir” – the people hear, that’s how they know when to bow

My poetry’s deep because I’m street, but I’m not physically free
To be a captive in my mind is not befitting of me
But I’m fit for His decree and I know that quite well
Would you take notice when I quote this? I wrote this in a cell
In segregated housing, I was waitin’ to ship
Shaytan stayed hatin’, waitin’ on my patience to slip
If I’m the ship, I’d tell the tugboat I was grateful for it
Sometimes I say things that’ll make you do some thinking to get

I tie my camel and trust that everything is legit
With all these blessings, how could I turn my face and forget
So, I increase in my eemaan, fall on my face and submit.



There is no special occasion, except you’re special and amazing
Undisputably beautiful, you are God’s most precious of creations
And that’s cause for celebration; a round of applause, standing ovation
Here’s to your appreciation, you deserve recognization
For all your love and dedication and all it does for motivation
You are a Queen without a crown, I speak with no exaggeration
Many try to imitate you but there is no imitation
There is none that is like you in this nation
You’ve been through hell-like situations, all types of degradation.

Yet, despite what, you were facing nothing what you had faith in
Will-power, courage, strength, but just determination
All of these together equals your characterization
Let this be a revelation to those who aren’t awaken
Because they lack the realization how you fit in the equation
What is needed is elation to uplift and give you praising
And through this poem, I’m trying to give a demonstration
There is a special occasion, it’s ‘You are special and amazing’
Black woman – the heart of this black nation.