First and foremost, I am a Heathen. This means that I worship the Gods of ancient Scandinavia. Specifically, Loki and Sigyn. The strength of my faith is reinforced by my writing, and my writing is enhanced by the strength of my faith.

I was born in 1995, and early in my life I witnessed the unique chaos of humanity. This led me to seek peace, and I found it in the moments when I put pen to paper. The act of creating a story from nothing more than my thoughts have always seemed magical to me, and since I was thirteen, I have had a passion for writing.

Over the years, the the style of my writing evolved. My youthful attempts at novels became simple poems, which in turn became essays. I was determined to become better than I was, though I have always been my biggest critic. Even now, there are times when I doubt my skill and contemplate a different hobby, but I know that I will never stop writing. I am currently working on a novel in an attempt to accomplish a goal I’ve had since I was thirteen: to publish a novel. However, I also make time to expand my skill and repertoire, always attempting to be better.

Because nobody walks through life alone, I feel it necessary to give thanks where it is due. The people who pushed me to become better, and who have motivated me to think bigger. First is my father. Growing up, he always told me that if I truly enjoyed it, then I should never quit. He would tell me that my writing should inspire others to write. Second is one of the best friends that I’ve ever had. He goes by Dilemma, and though our writing styles are different, we are more similar than most people anticipate. Dilemma challenges me to think outside the box, then to question the box, then to question who the f–k left this box out in the middle of nowhere.

One thing I’ve learned from writing is that you should question everything, and if something you said offends somebody, then you said something right. I am not intentionally offensive, but neither do I cater to the sensitivities of other people. I will say what I will say, but only because I think it needs to be said. If my writing offends you, I do not apologize. Instead, I challenge you to discover why you are offended and to explain why that is my fault, or my concern. I do not write for others, not really. I write for my peace and sanity. This is who I am.
May the gods watch over you and guide your path.


The Best

The exquisite analysis of all factors provided, countered against the desired outcome of the situation leads to the question, “what’s best?” Well, based on perspectives and motives, the answer could change, because not only must we deduce what’s best, but we we must also include, “what’s next?” To formulae the subsequent steps, we must produce the proper variables for success. How? Well, by the exquisite analysis of all factors provided.

On the Stack

There’s a Magic to what we do, a Bioshift of power that changes to whole concept. You had a plan of attack, but now you gotta take that thought back. And even if you take me out, my Faith’s Reward is that everything gets brought back. Oh, you caught that? So Gods Willing I become the best man that I could be, but I’m not Omniscient, and nothing in this life is free, so I shoot for Pacifism, cause I don’t want to be Collateral Damage. I mean, hell, I’ve already got a Mirror’s Mockery, arguing with my reflection of self. And every time I think that peace is a Shimmer of Possibility, I get a Flood of Recollection and watch Reality Shift. But before you Disperse, they Raise the Alarm, now this Acolyte’s Reward is a poisonous gift. Now you’re praying for a Role Reversal ’cause you’re watching the Executioner’s Song, and you’re hoping for Emergency Powers, but the Silence . . . says you can’t do a thing. So now you join the March of the Multitudes as you walk that Path to Exile, and we endure this Torment of Hellfire as the price for the Jester’s Smile.

Carry the One

Carry the one, and be sure to illustrate your work on the problem. See, life is just a series of bad equations, while we wrack our brains trying to solve ’em.
It should be as simple as 2+2, but when you add truth, we lose our min’ as (minus) people assume that
the world is through.
But me? I learned from my parent to seize (parentheses) the moment. Carpe Tempus. And you can
never equal what I am, because between you and I, there’s a significant difference.
But please, don’t let that subtract from your value, it’s just the produce of my circumstance,
because I’ve learned how to use the variables in life to create the paradox of a certain chance.
What does that mean?
It means that predicting the unpredictable is the first step of omniscience, while living life fully begins counteracting your transience.
Still lost? Okay, let my try again.
Knowing everything that you’ve ever known, as well as knowing everything that you know not should be
the person that you assume if you want to make yourself a spot at the top.
Go ti? Good, let’s continue.
This venue that we inhabit begins habits that bring havoc on our mentality. And while we play games,
we make claims that we’ve stayed sane through this calamity.
We say this because we refuse to become adjusted to the fact that we’re corrupted, filled with greed
and paranoia, now we longer know what trust is.
And it’s just this: When you accept that you can go no further by yourself, and you understand that it’s
not detrimental if you have to ask for help.
It’s not just opinion, this statement is true for everyone under the sun. When you fall just short of your
destination, you’ll wish you had a friend who would Carry the One.

Dying Breed

I am a member of a slowly dying bread
and the world disregards me just because I have a creed
that they feel is inappropriate for people to believe
and the people cannot see that only they know what they need
But that’s a common problem in the function of society
people get condemned when they’re my friend or when they’re kind to me
But just as I remain true to the Oaths that I have spoken
Then I know my family remains too, with honor left unbroken
I know I’m always joking, but there will be no laughs today
Instead pay attention to what it is I’m ’bout to say
Don’t ever play with your god, because your faith is not a game
and we all believe in something, regardless of the name
lying to your god is the highest form of shame
and when you get forsaken, there is no one else to blame
so look, if, in your actions, you prove your words to be true
then you will have a power that will always strengthen you
and they will see the realness in the smallest things you do
and that will make others want to live real too.

See, I’m a Heathen, in a day when true Heathens are hard to find
and no one will admit it, but the world doesn’t like my kind
they say we’re Satanists, idiots, racist, psychos
yet they don’t take the time to learn the smallest bit of my codes
So why do I show respect when they degrade my brothers and my sister?
It’s because I’m not affected by their chuckles or their whispers
The loyalty of my family drowns out whatever they will say
and the bonds between my brothers just get stronger everyday
You see, preconceived notions are the bane of my existence
because it’s hard to dispel ignorance when all you get is resistance
But no longer do I care what you think I might be
Because now I have a family that took the time to know me.

I am a member of a strong and noble breed
and we are proud because at the center of our creed
there’s an honor shining brighter than the world has ever seen
because most will never know what honor even means
In this Darkness we call humanity, there are fires burning hot
and while some of them are Heathens, there are others who are not: Dilemma, Ghetto, Ricky, Mo, and Tex
My brothers have helped me more than I could ever express
J-Dub, Shea, G-Paw, NA’IM
My family has taught me to be more than what I seem
They say don’t make a judgment from the cover of a book
then they stick you with a label at the very first look
getting past the first impression can take having an open mind
but once you start to search, there’s no limit to what you’ll find.

My Prayer

Tjena, min gud. Du eru alltid en min hjarta.
Hello, my gods. You are always in my heart.
This is my prayer, though I know to most of you, my faith is just a story.
A tale retold by Disney to make a moment seem les boring,
But since when is that Okay? If I turned your faith into a game to play what would you say?
That I’m way off base,
And based on popular opinion, you would be correct in your assumption, meanwhile I’m getting
Punished for causing a mental consumption fo what which causes disruption
Because you don’t know how it functions.
And that’s my fault, right? I guess so.
But what you don’t know is that there’s no exit strategy in the plan, though,
So I stand for those who can’t be told what they can’t do.
I mean, who are you to tell someone what’s really true?
Since the facts are few, and you lack the juice to make your own decision,
You want me to be flat like you?
Can’t do it. See, we rise up and take shape, now there’s a height to our thoughts.
Because we climb to the top to meet the eyes of our gods,
And we’ll fight any odds to return light to the dark.