Kirby Lowe






The following collection of thoughts is a journey through the loss of a loved one and the struggle between us and our own inner demons. See, we more often than not ignore the things that shape our lives daily due to the ease that brings us mentally, but, truthfully, this is as helpful as attempting to trap sand through a sifter. Suffice it to say, the finer pieces fall through, building a much stronger foundation for our own failure. . . . so if you so choose, place yourself in the mind of “The Traveler.”


I yearn to like myself the way others have come to because I acknowledge the qualities within myself that they fine admirable but unbeknownst to them those exact same traits have been meticulously copied from the perspective father figures I have encountered on my journey but then again isn’t this something we all do in some way yet continue to believe this is what creates our uniqueness?

Is it how we employ this specific trait? An ability to speak in itself is nothing amazing yet there is a vast difference between MLK and Hitler.

So we are all looking for something that distinguishes us from the rest and as these ideas are given life I realize my issues are in reality no different from anyone else’s the difference lies in this overwhelming sense of introspectivity I have been cursed with.

So I will continue looking for pieces of people I admire because I have no issues being a follower of good men because what are leaders without followers if not failures.